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Love That Works: 38 Awesome Hacks for Amazing Relationships

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Photo of James R. Fleckenstein

Author, Researcher, Educator, Coach

James R. Fleckenstein

James R. Fleckenstein has over twenty years of experience in helping people improve their intimate relationships. One thing that sets Jim apart from other coaches is his commitment to evidence-based practice. He's personally done the research to find out what works. His research, published in peer-reviewed journals and academic books, is trusted and has been cited by other experts scores of times.

One result of this commitment is that Jim's been invited to present at 13 major sexuality and relationship professional conferences since 2002. He’s also reached hundreds at over 20 lay conferences. He’s been interviewed in the Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, on radio and podcasts.

Jim lives in Manassas, Virginia with his long-term partner, the novelist Solara Gordon.

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